See Tampa Bay as a Native

Having grown up in Tampa with roots three generations deep, it gives me great pride and pleasure to represent homes in the Tampa Bay area.  I remember from a very young age my grandfather, Gus, buying and selling homes and lots.  He not only did it as his own hobby, but he also loved to help his family and friends find a home or property to build their new home on.

My father, who is also a licensed real estate agent, has owned and rented property all up and down the Gulf Coast and throughout the Bay Area.  Watching him all my life has instilled in me the belief that customer satisfaction starts with listening carefully to client needs and then applying solid market knowledge.  He showed me that formula is paramount to being a good Realtor.  With this background, I have always been interested in following the real estate market and especially in knowing property values in diverse areas of Tampa.   

The market is changing, and clients have become much more sophisticated.  My goal is to stay ahead of the market and ahead of our clients (not easy to do). To do that, I am always working to improve my skills and knowledge to give you top-level service.  As a licensed Realtor, I have taken several advanced courses.  I recently achieved the very special designation as a Graduate, Realtor Iinstitute (GRI), a designation for Realtors that indicates a higher level of training and knowledge. The knowledge I gain from pursuing further real estate education beyond basic licensing courses broadens my ability to serve you.  Serving you and making sure you have a good experience are my top goals.  It is never too much trouble to go the extra mile to get the expertise and understanding that allow me to serve you better. 

Patrick Fernandez, FL. Lic. Real Estate Sales Associate



Real Estate is Like Chocolate Milk

The first rule in real estate is location, location, location, right?

In my many years as a chocolate milk connoisseur, I can tell you the price of each chocolate milk brand out there.  More importantly, I can tell you how the price of a particular brand in Publix differs from the price of that same brand in Wal Mart.  If you tell me that you’re looking for a high-quality chocolate milk brand, in a nice location, at the lowest price possible, I would tell you to go to Publix and get their house brand priced at $2.99.  (Publix brand is the unspoken hero of chocolate milk everywhere!).  This is something that only a true chocolate milk connoisseur would be able to tell you.

Why should buying a home be any different?

After being licensed, I took my passion for the chocolate milk market and applied the same principles to real estate.  OK, so it is a little more complex, but I figured that I should be able to tell a client where the best homes are, in the nicest area, at the lowest price possible.  Most people know what they are looking for, but when people ask, “What is the price of a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home,” I ask them “Where?”  Knowing the prices of different types of properties in different areas of Tampa Bay takes time.  It is my job to know that.  Real estate is one of the biggest investments people make. 

I want people to find a home that makes them as happy as I am when drinking Publix brand chocolate milk.  (What if there was a fridge full of Publix brand chocolate milk when purchasing a home? That must be what heaven is like!) 

When you do business with our brokerage, we can help you find a great home, in a nice neighborhood, at a fantastic price.   You are not just a number to us.  You have our undivided attention, and we have your best interests at heart.  We will listen to your wants and needs with open ears, and help you find the perfect fit.

So stop settling for houses that are less than what you deserve, and let us help you find a home that you can be proud of.   A life without Publix brand chocolate milk is a sad one, and a life without a happy home is ALMOST equally as sad.

– Donavan Barrett, FL. Lic. Real Estate Sales Associate