We Are an Open Book

Grab some coffee or a soda, and let's go on a quick tour!


Our professionals are special people rich in market knowledge and transactional mastery.  But there are certain things you can't teach, like "character".  We select for it.  We also relish different points of view.  We're committed to a diverse work environment where success depends on agile thinking, collaboration and supporting one another.


Location x 3 is the first rule of real estate. Having a sense of place and the price of tea in China (or, for example, bungalows in South Tampa) is our core competency. We employ state-of-the-art research tools and our relationships to achieve your goals and provide you with the latest market info and advice.  If it's hard to do, give it to us.  We'll take care of it.


First, we stay current and connected. Second, we remain loyal to you.  Did you know that most people assume that real estate agents they deal with represent them, but Florida law presumes that they actually do not?  They don't represent you the way you would think.  We don't think that is right. We commit to each client in writing to act as a single agent of that client, including committing to undivided loyalty and full disclosure to you.   Most brokers act as "transaction brokers" who simply facilitate a transaction.  We don't think that is what you expect, so we do business differently.